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Our Aerial Circus Classes give people who crave an outlet for unfulfilled energy and self-expression a place to belong, while giving you a badass workout.

Everyone starts somewhere! Try our one-time, Introductory Silks Workshop!

What We Coach


Climb, spin, and dazzle on beautiful flowing fabric. Silks are accessible for complete beginners. Build your circus strength as you learn to fly.

Level: Beginner to Advanced


This minimalist apparatus is not for beginners. We require 6 months of silks or straps training and strong, straight leg straddles.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Similar to gymnastics rings, straps is all about showing off your upper body strength. Prepare to work hard and systematically build up your meat wings.

Level: Strong Beginner to Advanced

About Our Studio

CircoFit was founded in 2015 in Alberta, Canada, by Meghan Schech. CircoFit offers classes and workshops for corde lisse, aerial silks, and straps, and is a unique training facility for Edmonton's growing aerial circus community. Our coaching starts with a foundation of technique of basic skills and strength building, with an emphasis on injury prevention. As our students progress, they continue to develop their skills and physical capabilities while exploring the performance aspects of aerial circus.