Meet the CircoFit Team

Aerial circus and fitness coaching specializing in vertical rope and  silks in Edmonton, Alberta. Offering adult classes, groups, private lessons, and parties. Learn to fly!


Meet the CircoFit Team

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Meghan Schech

Meghan Schech (aka "Mama Circus" to many of her students) began her circus training in 2006 in Edmonton, Alberta, with Annie Dugan. In 2008, she trained full time at The Circus Center in San Francisco. Upon returning to Canada in 2009, she began teaching and choreographing for Firefly Theatre and Circus, where she taught for over seven years. While she has taught basic static trapeze, conditioning, and flexibility, her true passion revolves around corde lisse (aka vertical rope) and aerial silks. Her students enjoy her easy-going attitude and ever-present quirky sense of humour.

Meghan Schech has performed on rope, silks, and static trapeze for audiences as large as 1000, but her time on the stage began long ago as a nerdy musical theatre kid. She performed in many full length musicals and pantomimes in her teenage years and co-directed Musicalmania's Louis David Riel: the Dramatic Musical at age sixteen. After a stereotypical period of being broke and juggling three jobs in her early twenties, she found her way back onto the stage and into the spotlight with a Fringe production and a call from an old friend. With that call she became the babely front woman of the very loud and edgy surf rock band, Reaper in Rouge, and she loved every minute of it for three jam-packed years.

Her creative energy is now directed back at circus, but many of her acts are influenced by her theatrical background and love of rock and roll.

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Laura Morton

At an early age, Laura Morton was introduced to acrobatics, performing and coaching through Aerials Gymnastics in Spruce Grove. Looking to expand her interests, Laura discovered her second love in aerial acrobatics with Firefly Theatre and Circus of Edmonton in 2009.

With an excitement for her newfound freedom of movement in the air, Laura focused her energy on mastering the aerial silks and corde lisse (aerial rope). Backed with a passion for travel, Laura took her training cross-continent to Montreal, Seattle and North Carolina. Returning to Edmonton, she founded Aerial Hearts Performance Troupe. Partnering with local talent, Laura has developed mesmerizing acts of prop manipulation, dance and aerials to audiences throughout Alberta.

In 2016, Laura began her journey to becoming a certified instructor through Nimble Arts Aerial Teacher Training. As an instructor of CircoFit, Laura combines her devotion to the art with her passion to support others on their pathway to becoming thriving aerialists.

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Erik Luber

Five years ago Erik fell in love with aerial straps after being introduced to it by his best friend Patrick Chan (known to themselves as “The Meathook Bros”). Previous to his circus obsession, Erik was competitively involved in CrossFit at the Regional level for three years, then transitioned to gymnastic rings training for one year. Erik started his aerial straps tutelage under Ian Holmes at Ascension Fitness in Calgary. Since then Erik has performed at a variety of events and travelled (Las Vegas, Montreal) to train with some of the world’s best straps coaches. Although Erik enjoys the thrill of performing live, his passion lies in growing the Alberta circus community and coaching aerials. 

Erik Luber Straps CircoFit

At the age of two years old Erik’s favourite word was “puzzle”. He has been in love with problem solving and discovery ever since. This led him to his current career as a Ph.D. research scientist, where he seeks to understand the fundamentals of how things work. His passion for problem solving and focus on fundamentals is at the core of his coaching philosophy.

Herman Lau

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Herman Lau roots his movement practice background in martial arts. As a lifelong student of diverse styles spanning the spectrum from performance arts to combat sports to wellbeing work, he once competed on a national stage as a youth and continued tempering this education across various mats, rings, and cages to now teach at several institutions around Edmonton, Alberta.

Through some cross-training in dance, Herman hit upon the opportunity to embrace circus skills as part of the inaugural aerial silks class at Pique Dance Centre in Edmonton in 2014. The strange combination of fear and joy in the air has kept him entranced ever since. Excited and humbled by all there is to explore and learn, joining CircoFit has allowed Herman to keep growing in this art form.

While Herman holds work experience in a number of other fields, including illustration, consulting, and city planning, he finds the circus community among the most weirdly wonderful and is excited to help it develop. He hopes to continue integrating creative practices and physical culture, studying movement as a form of self-expression to make and share meaning. He believes the circus can save your life (or at least make it a lot more intriguing).

Kendra Lywood

Kendra's movement and performance experience started in the water, as she grew up competing as a synchronized swimmer. This left her with a comfort being upside down, as well as a strange tendency to hold her breath while exercising. Later she found yoga while in university, and came back to it in a big way after having her third child. She has completed a 200hr yoga teacher training and has a love for understanding the mechanics of movement and alignment.

Kendra CircoFit

Her circus adventures started in 2016, when an article in the paper inspired her to sign up for an introductory aerial silks class… back when CircoFit was a few silks hanging from the ceiling of a crossfit gym! She was immediately hooked and has been training with CircoFit ever since, expanding to include corde lisse along the way.

Kendra’s a firm believer that finding joy in movement is one of the secrets to a happy life, and loves being able to share that with her students!

Danny Gorham

With over 13 years of corde lisse experience, Danny has been an unofficial coach at CircoFit since 2017. His crazy style and silly antics are often featured on the CircoFit Instagram Stories. We are excited that he will be joining our staff officially in January, 2019, as our new rope coach.

Caitlin Mader

Caitlin has trained in Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Tokyo. CircoFit is excited to have her as a resource for our advanced rope students as they venture into dynamic and open corde training.

Aiden Lamb

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Aiden's love of the circus began at Circofit in October 2016. After the first teaser class he was hooked and has spent many hours a week training at Circofit and at home ever since. He currently trains on aerial silks, straps, and his favourite corde lisse (aerial rope) and has dreams of running away with the circus.

While Aiden is new to aerial arts he is certainly not new to coaching. He is a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwon-Do and opened his own Dojang in BC with his mom at the early age of 12. He has been coaching and teaching for as long as he can remember. In addition to Taekwon-Do Aiden also taught belly dancing for a few years and toured around BC as a performer

Aiden is passionate about coaching and self improvement. He revels in the small triumphs of others and is the champion of high fives.  He loves helping people get over their fears and will always be the first one to notice that you went one climb higher than last class. 



Hobbes was born in Calgary, Alberta, and joined the CircoFit team this year. She specializes in contortion and ground acrobatics. Students enjoy her high energy warm-ups and sass.