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Budget-Friendly Workouts

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Having a coach is important - especially when learning a completely new skill be it lifting, long distance running, or sky-diving - but sometimes we need to take a break. Maybe it’s because of an awkward work schedule, an awkward injury, or...a tight budget.

I’ve been in all of these situations, but just because you can’t do your regular classes doesn’t mean there’s no alternative. Here are some of my solutions:



This free app has a tonne of programmed workouts that don’t require any equipment. What’s awesome is that there are short videos for each exercise that demonstrate how to execute the movement. I typically don’t do well with fitness apps but this one was intuitive and easy to use for me.

Monthly Specials

I’ve tightened up my budget these last few months, so when I saw a special at a hot yoga studio (one month of unlimited classes for $40) I decided it was time to try something new. Besides, I had been neglecting my stretching for, oh, I don’t know, two or three years. It turns out I’m not a hot yoga person, but I got my money’s worth and I’m glad I did it.

Catch Up on your Cardiovascular Endurance

If you are a novice runner, be careful about diving in too quickly/ambitiously and please consider taking a running clinic so you don’t develop any bad habits. That said, it’s a cheap form of exercise. My favourite cheap form of cardio is biking (it’s cheap supposing you have a bike). It’s very low impact and can even save you extra money if you replace your car with it. ;) Also, head on over to Jen Sinkler’s page and read about Lift Weights Faster.



Most gymnastics clubs have weekly drop-ins for a small fee. Train hard and make the most of their equipment to supplement your other workouts.

Get Creative

I worked several seasons in a remote and very small town (think 200 people) as a helper on a geological exploration project. There were no gyms and nowhere to hang a rope. One of my co-workers made himself a barbell out of a rod of rebar and two 10 gallon pails that he filled with rocks. I got up every morning and went to the small playground to do pull-ups, chin-ups, leg-lifts, and anything else I could think of on the monkey bars, then I’d go back and do the same thing after work. While I couldn’t practice circus skills, I managed to maintain most of my arm and core strength throughout the 4 months that I was away. I even gained significant grip strength thanks to the many boxes of drill core that I moved every day.

Before CircoFit, my days slogging core.

Before CircoFit, my days slogging core.

So tell me,

what are your favourite budget-friendly workouts?