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ClubMynx & Saskatoon

At the end of August I took a little road trip over to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It was there that I taught several fabulous teachers at ClubMynx. This beautiful studio is the creation of Dawn Wotherspoon. 

CircoFit teaching instructors at ClubMynx

I was very impressed by instructors Kate, Melanie, Brittany, Toni, and Jessica, so it made for a great weekend! Everyone worked hard and learned a TONNE of new skills.

During my down time I had a chance to explore Saskatoon for the first time. Not only is it a beautiful, lush, green city, but I was thoroughly impressed by the fitness initiatives that I came across:



Wide pathways in the river valley and a rich network of trails.



Stairways up to pedestrian bridges that were seemingly designed by people who have actually lugged bikes up stairs in their lives.




A free outdoor adult fitness park. Neato!




And this killer gym called (Freedom Functional Fitness), decked out in home made monkey bars and obstacles.

Freedom Functional Fitness SK


Well Saskatoon, it's been a slice! I look forward to returning. :)